Become a VIP with 21 Prive Casino

At 21 Prive Casino we cherish our players and want to reward all who enjoy playing with us. We created our VIP program to give extra rewards and a big thank you to our most loyal and trusted players.

What makes a VIP player?

A VIP player is someone who is loyal to 21 Prive Casino, plays often and with real money. But also, money aside, a VIP player has to play with the best intentions. They must be someone who is fully verified in line with our KYC process and who plays and enjoys bonuses with the good spirit and faith in which they are intended.

How does a player become a VIP?

Everyone can qualify to participate in our exclusive VIP program and you will automatically be invited when you meet the requirements. Once you fit the playing criteria and we can see you fit the VIP profile, you will receive an invitation from your personal VIP manager, which is just the start of the perks which our VIP program includes.

What are the advantages of being a VIP?

As a VIP player with 21 Prive Casino, you will enjoy personal support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from your personal account manager.

You will receive invitations for exciting events, exclusive promotions and bonuses plus the choice between a VIP bonus program or a VIP cash back program (up to 20% cash back) - whichever you prefer!